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What is a Facebook Fundraiser?

Facebook Fundraisers are a component of Facebook that allows you to create and share fundraisers with your friends and family while collecting donations for the organization of your choice. After identifying a few components, you can easily share your fundraiser with facebook friends to help reach your goal. Breastcancer.org is notified of your support and once funds are received they are allocated to the resources and support network that we offer to our users. Our partners are listed in alphabetical order.

As a donor, you can donate any amount and pay through your credit/debit card, PaylPal, or Facebook Pay. You can easily set up fundraisers online by going to the fundraiser set up link on Breastcancer.org’s Facebook page. Once you get started there is no limit to what you can do! Set your goal to $20 or $2,000, and with the help of your friends and family, you can achieve your target goal.

How to set up a Facebook Fundraiser

  1. Visit https://www.facebook.com/fund/breastcancerorg/

  2. Follow the prompts to set up your fundraiser. Our suggestion:

    1. Setting a fundraising goal of $250 over a 3-week period.

    2. Customize the title of your fundraiser. Add why you’re fundraising to the description section.

    3. Image option: Use your own photo to customize your fundraiser OR use one of the suggested photos.

  3. Click "Create" to start your fundraiser.

Why create a Facebook Fundraiser?

You can create a Facebook Fundraiser for your birthday, anniversary, to honor a loved one, or highlight any meaningful occasion.

You can match donations on a Facebook Fundraiser!

When you create a fundraiser for a nonprofit organization on Facebook, you can also pledge to match donations to that fundraiser.

For example, you can pledge to match the first $25 or your total $200 raised. Use the "More" button then choose "Match Donations" to set it up.

Pledge Now, Pay Later

Choose an amount you feel comfortable matching. Even a small pledge will show your commitment to the cause and motivate your supporters. You'll only have to match donations up to your total pledge amount once your fundraiser ends.

How it works

If you pledge to match $50 and raise $25, you'll only pay $25. If you raise $100, you'll pay $50.

Some examples of successful fundraisers.

Megan’s story

“In honor of my upcoming 31st birthday, about the age that my birth mom was first diagnosed with breast cancer, I'm asking for donations to Breastcancer.org. Our mission means a lot to me! We provide information and support to women going through breast cancer - something that wasn't available 25+ years ago when my mom was going though it herself and passed away at a young age. Please consider contributing as a way to celebrate with me. Every little bit will help me reach my goal!”

Facebook fundraiser example - Megan

Grace’s story

“For my birthday this year, I'm asking for donations to Breastcancer.org. Two women in my life have left this earth within the past 3 days, both of whom had metastatic breast cancer. Both of these women were amazing human beings, who made the world a better place, and who fought long and hard battles against this disease. I felt like I needed to do something to honor Amy and Lisa.”

Tanya’s Story

“For my birthday this year, I'm asking for donations to Breastcancer.org. This organization has been an invaluable online resource for me this year, and in fact is my go-to site for general questions I've had about breast cancer, reconstruction, lymphedema, you name it. The information I've found there has helped me so much & I'd like to try to help them out, too.”

Helpful tips to reach your goal!

Share your story

While we have a pre populated story for you to explain our mission, your unique interest in creating the fundraiser will be most captivating. Share 1 - 3 sentences on the “why” behind your request to help friends and family understand the importance of your ask.

Include a visual element

Creating a unique image or even uploading a photo of you and the loved one you’re honoring helps with visibility and to create an authentic connection to the person(s) you are supporting.

Recognize your milestones

Encourage your friends and family to support your cause by identifying a milestone dollar amount raised (i.e. a quarter or half way to goal). You will remind everyone that there's still time to give and each donation contributed is making an impact toward the fundraising goal.

Thank your donors

Thank and acknowledge the donors who contributed to get you this far. Donors will feel appreciated and may be more likely to share the fundraiser with their network.

The money raised through these events helps Breastcancer.org to continue to provide people affected by breast cancer a safe and reliable place to go for the most relevant, timely, and understandable medical information. We are incredibly grateful to the many people who host fundraisers for Breastcancer.org throughout the year!

 For any questions, you can email events@breastcancer.org.