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2018 Rock the Ribbon Co-Chairs:

Sara Biden

"I am a former patient and HUGE fan of Dr. Weiss. I love how she distills up-to-the-minute medical knowledge and treatment into easy-to-understand soundbites, and I admire her zest for living. I feel like Breastcancer.org really reflects those two key elements. I was lucky to have her personally guide me through the process, but Breastcancer.org can help everyone around the WORLD through the process. I also love how life-affirming the mission is. How it’s committed to not only informing users of the best individualized treatment and improving the quality of life during treatment, but to bringing actual JOY back into the lives of women post treatment." 

Samantha Borghese

"Two years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer at 32 years old. I had a four-year-old daughter and no idea where to turn when I came upon Breastcancer.org and Dr. Weiss. I depended on Breastcancer.org not only as a source for information about breast cancer but also as a vital tool to help me navigate treatment and connect with other people going through a similar ordeal. After a diagnosis, no one tells you where to go, who to see, what to do, or how to even attempt to keep up with your ‘normal’ life. Breastcancer.org and Dr. Weiss helped pave that path for me."

2018 Rock the Ribbon Committee:

Dara Abraham
Carly Baurer
Margot Bloom
Roz Booker
Shari Brodsky
Michael Canino
Carly Cooper
Lindsay Cooper
Kimberly Staro Dieckhaus
Beth Douglas
Kate Doyle
Jessica Ender
Margaret Evangelisti
Rachel Fishman
Mac Frederick
Lisa Haas
Casey Hamblett
Randi Heller
Melissa Heller
Rachel Rothbard Heller
Rachel Seiden Heller
Brynn Lev
Lauren Lipowicz
Jennifer Liss
Patricia Maristch
Ashley Markowich
Kimberly McGarry
Faye Miller
Emily Nussbaum
Kathleen O'Neill
Randi Ostrum
Abby Rankin
Barbara Reeves-Cohen
Regan Rose
Jamie Sandler
Miryam Seid
Karen Stein Solomon
MaryBeth Spitz
Blaine Stanley
Shana Steigerwalt
Stacy Steinberg
Jackie Stern
Susan Thorkelson
Courtney Victor
Rebecca Wagner
Jessa Weissman
Alise Wolfgang
Brooke Workman
Jenna Zalut